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UCPS Closure

UC Printing Services has been combating a declining print/graphic arts market since 2001.

Despite our efforts to improve our services and reduce costs, the ongoing recession and our economic situation have taken a great toll on our operations and have negatively impacted our financial viability.

It saddens us to announce that UC Printing Services has closed all three units as of April 30th 2010.

The units affected are:

  • The main facility located at 1100 67th St. Emeryville, CA
  • University Hall room-70
  • The Copy Center located at UCOP

If you have accessed this site for information regarding printing needs, UCSF Documents, Media & Mail has partnered with a number of UC Berkeley departments to provide print & copy services to the campus billed via UC Chartstring. For more information please visit

In partnership with the UC Library, UCSF Documents, Media & Mail now provides high quality, competitively priced, over-the-counter photocopying service and access to their full suite of services at this campus location.

Moffitt Library Copy Center

Moffitt Undergraduate Library, 321 Moffitt Library
510/643-7427 |

In partnership with University Relations, UCSF Documents, Media & Mail provides business cards and stationery to the UC Berkeley community. For the new process to follow to order business cards or stationery, please visit the Berkeley Identity website at .

Please contact Pam Krol from UCSF Documents, Media & Mail at 510-812-4093 if you are interested in retrieving files for jobs formerly done by UCPS.

As always, Campus Procurement is also available to assist you when purchasing printing services. Please go to this link and click on Campus Buyer Assignments, halfway down the page, to locate the campus buyer to contact for your department¹s print and copy needs.

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